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How To Install Mods

Control Setup Video

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1. Mods won't show up in game?


Please follow the Mod install guide video for proper install - https://youtu.be/6ffaaf_ytkw


2. Controls arn't working or can't set them up properly? 

Please follow the Control install guide video - https://youtu.be/fIHUXz5wiqE 

If you are having issues with controllers please make sure you try using different USB ports when plugging them in and make sure they are properly calibrated using the windows game controller calibration.


3. Machines are acting weird or won't operate properly?


Please make sure you have no other mods other than FDR mods installed, sometimes using other mods such as Realdirt or Fuel/Control mods can effect the way the machines handle. All FDR Equipment is built based off the regular game with no modded features to the engine. 

Also always make sure your version of the game is updated to the latest version!


1. Will You Make Mods For Console?


FDR Logging has a few maps that were approved for console but there will be no future updates or new maps coming to console. To date I also have no machines on console, this is due to the structure of my machine mods such as my grapple system differing from the Giants original component type system they cannot be approved for console.

There are several other things I have changed on my machines to make them more realistic and capable for logging that cannot be approved on console. There are no plans to bring machines to console now or in the future,

There are some other mod groups such as Black Sheep 
Modding and North Modding Company who have some fantastic forestry equipment on console so have a look!

2. What Are Your PC Specs?

Processor - Intel I7 3770K
Video Card - Nvidia Titan (XP) 

Ram - 16GB 
OS - Windows

Monitors - 3X 40" Samsung Screens 

Keyboard - Razer Deathstalker 
Mouse - Logitech Proteus G502 

HeadPhones - Steel Series H Wireless 
Joysticks - 2X Thrustmaster T16000M


3. Can You Make A Mod For Me, Even If I Pay You For It?

I do not build mods based on requests, im more than happy to hear ideas that anyone wants to suggest but I don't build mods for money or specific requests from anyone.


4. What Is Different About Your Logging Grapples?

All of my logging grapples since FS15 have used a new type of system that I call "Direct Physics" where the visual texture you see is actually attached to the physical collision of grapple. 

The original system that Giants has uses Delayed Physics. So basically whats happening is when your playing the game what your seeing is the visual textures and objects moving around but behind the scenes there are tons of calculations and collisions that interact with each other on a physics based level. 

Now because physics take lots of power to calculate and process the computer causes them to lag behind a bit. So while you see a object/texture move in real time the physics are delayed by a few milliseconds which causes a bit of lag. So to correct this lag issue Giants have the visuals of the grapples separated from the physics, but this causes a visual issue when you grab a log with a grapple on the Giants machine it looks like its floating or weirdly grabbed lots of the time. Also sometimes the collisions stick out past the claws so the accuracy of grabs are very iffy. 

So to counter this I built a system that uses Direct Physics which apply the visual (what your seeing) directly to that physical collision wall. By doing this your are now seeing exactly what is happening behind the scenes but in real time, the sacrifice is that sometimes it causes my machines grapples to lag behind ever so slightly because you are seeing the collisions being calculated in real time which are normally hidden. 

Its entirely up to the user which system they prefer but based on feedback from thousands of fans the FDR system is far superior for logging in general. But due to using this system I am not able to get approval for consoles as it doesn't conform to the original setup by Giants and is considered "Broken" or "Glitched". 

Also note that Giants grapples stop when they come into contact with log grabs and apply only minimal force to hold onto the logs, I find these grapples weak which cause you to drop lots of logs and not hang onto them very strongly.

My grapples do not have a stopping point for contact, this is good and bad depending on the person operating the machine. Without a stopping point the claws are able to close 100% regardless of the logs being in the grapple or not. This gives you perfect realistic grabs without any noodling and weak holds. But this in turn also means you need to be careful closing the grapples because you can literally crush the logs sending them glitching out of the grab. 

So when using my grapples just close the claws on the log till you have a nice light grab with a bit of moment, you don't need to crush them as they will hold really well. With time and practice you'll see that just like real life you don't need much force to manipulate the logs just an understanding of how they feel and move in the physical world.