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FDR Logging creates Forestry Equipment, Logging Maps and more for the Farming Simulator video game series.

All of the mods I create are free for everyone to use you simply need to own a copy of the game!  

Please click on and follow the steps below to get started.


Below are some of the controllers I use to play the game, I highy reccomend using joysticks to get the full real life experience. 

Joystick Mounts & Pedals also help make the experience easier, click on any of the links to see the pricing on Amazon 



Frequently Asked Questions 

What Are Your PC Specs?

Processor - AMD Ryzen 3900X
Video Card - Nvidia Titan (XP) 
Motherboard - AMD ROG Strix X570-P

Ram - 32GB 
OS - Windows 10

Monitors - 3X 50" 4k Samsung TU7000's 

Keyboard - Razer Deathstalker 
Mouse - Logitech Proteus G502 

HeadPhones - Steel Series H Wireless 
Joysticks - 2X Thrustmaster T16000M


What does "FDR" Stand for in FDR Logging

"FDR" stands for "First Day Reviews" which was the name of my youtube channel very early on. So to give you some background history, a long time ago a game called "The Forest" was released in early access on steam. Its an amazing survival game on an island, I was and still am a huge fan of this game as the team who built it lives very close to where I live. I had written a review told in a journal style (you can see a copy of the review here) it was just a review for fun but it ended up getting almost 4 thousands likes within the first week, I had hundreds of people messaging me asking me to write more reviews. 

I decided to write more reviews and then eventually started recording short video reviews of random games on youtube, although this was not super popular it was very fun, I think then I had about 500 subs on youtube. After many game reviews later I did a review for "Farming Simulator 2013" during this testing I discovered a mod called the "forest mod", this allowed you to cut down trees with a saw and do some very basic forestry work in the game. I instantly fell in love with it and ended up buying 2 joysticks to operate machines. 

After the success of the Forest Mod, Giants incorporated logging into FS15 for the first time, I started recording more and more videos for farming simulator and eventually started dabbling in modding. After the jump in success from these videos I officially stopped First Day Reviews and turned all my efforts to both modding and recording FS videos as it was a new passion that I loved. Out of respect for First Day Reviews, the very thing that got me to where I am today I have always kept the name "FDR" instead of re-branding. 

Why Are Your Machines Stick Cylinders On The Bottom Instead of The Top?

I get this question a lot, the reason my cylinders are on the "wrong" side of the stick is because these machines have a large variety of attachments they need to support. The tilt range needed to operate each attachment can be anywhere from 40 degrees to 180 degrees being needed. 


On most real life machines they have a limitations as not all machines in reality can support every attachment, since this is a video game and for simplicity of the user I made the tilt have a very extreme range of play for supporting all the attachments, this allows each machine to be a "Swiss army knife" for being able to do every task.


Unfortunately by having this extreme range I cannot have the cylinder on top of the stick arm because it will clip through the arm at full tilt and look very glitched out. Functionality and Realism are very restricted when it comes to modding, I do the best I can to provide a balance between the two.


Why Do Your Grapples & Attachments Float/Lag Behind When I Swing The Cab?


In game grapples use a component based system which means both claws on the in game grapples are separate objects that are connected to the claw via a "free floating component" 

On FDR grapples I have removed the claws being "separate" and made them a solid claw without any ability to "noodle" when you grab logs. With my system your log grabs will be more solid and sturdy without the ability to have the bendy noodly feeling of the ingame grapples. 

Now the sacrifice with having this much better log grabbing system that I built is that now the claws are attached to the "direct physics" of the grapples instead of a delayed mesh.  

FS has a "visual layer" and a "physics" layer, when you are playing the game you only see the visual layer while all the physics are going on behind the scenes. Now because of the complicated calculations required for physics to work the game actually has a few milliseconds of delay when calculating. The visual layer does not reflect any of this "calculation lag" so you don't see it. But when creating my grapple system I attached the visuals directly to the collision layer so that its accurate to what you see verse what is reacting. 

This is why my grapples have a slight "float" delay when swinging them around because your seeing the delay of the game calculating the actual physics in real time visually.


Having Problems With Controls Or Things Not Mapping Proper?


If you are having any problems such as machines not swinging or certain controls not working, go into your keybindings in game and clear everything on the "Keyboard & Gamepad" side by using backspace after clicking on the controls, after clearing them all you then need to remap your joysticks/controllers and the issues should be gone!



Thank you to the following people for their contributions to FDR Logging over the course of its growth.


From sharing ideas, allowing usability of features they created and teaching me things I never knew, big thanks!


(Mod Help & Countless Other Contributions)


(Mod Help & Countless Other Contributions)



Bobcat Logger
(Model Creation and Model Support)



(Model Creation and Model Support)

D3 Machinery 
(Model Creation and Model Support)


(Permission For Helicopter Flight Script


50keda Modding
(Permission for Line Winch use)



(Permission For Tracks & Script use)



FT Modding
(Permission For Tracks & Script use)



Serious Mods
(Tutorials and Mod Help)


Contributing Modders 

I no longer create mods for the older versions of Farming Simulator but you can still download my 
previous mods from the download links below!