All Mod Update - New Controls & New Mod Format

Hey Lumberjacks,

In the latest update all the FDR Logging machines now have custom input bindings making it much easier to map controls and to know what you are actually mapping for each moving part.

Also with this months update we are returning to a "all download" and have removed the individual downloads. The main reason for this is due to switching over from google download, I am now using the websites FTP download server which gets rid of all the "download quota limit" issues people were having. People can now freely download the mods without ever getting a limit warning.

Switching over to the FTP means I cannot use the single downloads anymore as the filenames get edited by the server, thus when downloaded the mods are named incorrectly and do not work.

If you are having any trouble setting up the new mods please watch the following videos for both Install and controller setup.

Control Setup

How To Install Mods