Roto Rake & All Mod Update - Now Available!

New Roto Rake & All Mod Update

New Mod - Roto Rake

Big Thanks to modder (D3 Machinery) for donating this model for us to use!

New Mod - Woodchipper

New Woodchipper is attachable similar to the Forestry Grinder, this chipper holds a large amount of chips and also shoots them out very fast to make large piles, it only works on cut trees and bits will not clear standing trees.

All Blades of machines now push all material types when blade is lowered, great for road building!

Fixed - Skidders sound effect engine loop issues, sounds smoother now

Fixed - Highstacker grapple physics, it swings way more smoothly and realistically than before

Fixed - Issue with Slasher that would cause woodcrusher LUA callstack errors and lag the game

This mod is now included in the download all machine link at