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Welcome To FDR Logging


FDR Logging is created and operated by Jordan Chaleil

I design Logging Equipment, Forestry Maps and more for the Farming Simulator video game series. The machines are designed to give people the best and most real to life feeling of operating logging equipment.

In order to play with the machines yourself you will need to own a copy of the latest Farming Simulator video game. 
Purchase Farming Simulator 

After buying Farming Simulator you can now click on the "Mod Downloads"
tab at the top of this page and watch this Video. 

Watch Mod Install Video 


Once the mods are installed I highly recommend buying a set of joysticks so you can get the full real life experience of operating the machines. 
Buy A Set of Joysticks

Then all you have left to do is to learn the basics of logging. 
Watch The Lesson Structured Video Series 

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