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Donate To FDR Logging

FDR Logging mods are free for everyone to download but any donation is greatly appreciated to help support the continued growth of FDR Logging.

Donating using any of the options below gives you access to a special Logging Crew Discord role & gives you a chance to play with our
Multiplayer Logging Crew

The minimum donation amount for joining the Logging Crew is $5.00

If you have already donated and need Logging Crew access 
Click Here


* Please note that all donations are used to support FDR Logging funding for models, maps, advertising and general expenses related to the company. Donating gives you the chance to play on the Multiplayer Logging Crew but does not always guarantee access to every donator depending on individual situations, All donations are non refundable but if a mistake has been made in relation to a donation please email us at

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