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About FDR Logging

FDR Logging is created and owned by Jordan Chaleil 

I first started logging back in Farming Simulator 2013, this is also when I first started my attempts at modding. When Farming Simulator 2015 was released that is when I started really getting deeper into modding and learning how to create equipment. 

Over the many years and multiple versions for Farming Simulator I have developed and created hundreds of logging machines and maps for players of the Farming Simulator community. 

The large fan base that FDR Logging has gained has also got the attention of many large logging equipment manufacturing companies that have worked closely with me to bring their brands into the game.

I strive to give everyone the best and most realistic logging experience possible. I offer all of my mods for free so that everyone in the community can enjoy the logging experience.

If you have any questions or need to get in touch with the FDR Logging team please send us an email at

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